Using the Green Screen in iMovie

Follow these steps to use the Green Screen in iMovie:

  • Shoot and import green screen footage.
  • Shoot background video or download an image from the internet.
  • Drag the background video/photo into the project window.
  • Determine the length of your green screen footage and adjust the background footage length to match.
  • Select the green screen footage and drag it on top of the background.
  • Choose Green Screen from the pop-up.

  • Carefully drag the edges of the green screen footage to exactly match the edge of the background footage. There should be no places where one is displayed but the other is not.
Not pulled to edge
Pulled too far
  • Crop the green screen footage to eliminate non-green edges.
  • Remove transitions before and after green screened footage. They will not work!


Watch this video to see common green screen problems in action

Common Green Screen Problems (iMovie) from Skyview Broadcasting on Vimeo.