Film Fridays

Film Fridays – 5/3/2013

Caine’s Arcade: Part II

Remember Caine’s Arcade? Well here’s Part II – what happened after the original video went viral and was watched by people across the world.

Caine’s Arcade 2: From a Movie to a Movement from Nirvan Mullick on Vimeo.


A short fantasy film that tells a unique story with a surprising ending. Watch how they use flashback to develop relationship between the two main characters.

DIG – A Short Film from Philip Hodges on Vimeo.

Film Friday – 11/2/2012

Today’s topic is sound. Many of our videos have been having serious audio issues because often students pay much more attention to the visual aspects of their films instead of audio. In reality, what you hear in a film is just as important, if not more important that what you see.

Forgotten from Michael Cameneti on Vimeo.

Handmade from Lernert & Sander on Vimeo.

SoundWorks Collection: The Sound of The Hunger Games from Michael Coleman on Vimeo.

Watch a minute of this video without sound, then watch it again with sound. Notice how the sound contributes to the emotion of the video. Slinky on a Treadmill

Film Friday – 5/11/2012

Today’s Topic is theme.  Many of these videos have one theme that repeats through the video.  They are excellent examples of how you can make an entertaining video using one simple idea.

#1 – Rain. Lots of rain.

#2 – After watching this one, discuss how you think they did it.

#3 – These were all taken from other people’s videos on YouTube.  How could we do something like this in our shows?

#4 – This one is just ridiculous.

#5 – This should look familiar. They “borrowed” the idea from the MOVE video we watched in January, but filmed it all at their college campus. Any reason why we can’t do this at SMS?

#6 – An interesting stop-motion film about something as simple as eating a hot dog. How did they do this?

#7 – Fake slow motion. Does it look real?