Course Outline

Broadcasting II will focus on the weekly production of Skyview News. You will be asked to create individual projects that show your ability to speak publicly, and handle film equipment successfully. Dates and projects are flexible and subject to change.

Week One: Introduction and Equipment Training

  • Expectations
  • Supplies
  • Mac overview
  • Website tour
  • Production team roles
  • Journalism Etiquette

Script Writing and Storyboarding: This project emphasizing the planning phases of production such as script writing and storyboarding.

  • Day 1: Script Writing
  • Day 2: Storyboarding

Week Two: Scavenger Hunt Project
This project will train students on camera operation and basic video editing in iMovie. Students will hunt from a list of scenes and edit footage into a montage.

  • Day 1 – Introduction and Camera Training
  • Day 2 – Shooting Continued
  • Day 3 – Editing Overview
  • Day 4 – 5: Finish editing

Week Three: Camera Shots Movie Trailer Project

This project focuses on learning different camera shots and movements. Students will identify different shots in video clips, shoot different shots with cameras and edit footage into a movie trailer.

  • Day 1: Filmmaking concepts and shot types
  • Day 2-5: Movie trailer production

Week Four Broadcast Production Begins

Students will begin producing weekly news shows that will be aired on Fridays. Students will rotate through various production roles for one-week periods and complete all tasks associated with producing a televised news show – planning, script writing, shooting, and editing.

Remaining Semester: News Production

During this time, students will be applying all of their skills to create a complete, longer-length news broadcast from start to finish. Emphasis will be placed on production roles, working under deadlines and functioning as a team.

Week Seventeen: Make-ups/Showcase Week

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