Video Scavenger Hunt Assignment

This will be your first opportunity to make a video from beginning to end.  You will plan, shoot and edit to create a final film that tells an original story.  This is also your first experience working on a deadline so remember to use your time wisely!

Maximum length: 2 minutes

Project Steps:


1. Download and print the Video Story Hunt Checklist.

2. Break up into groups and nominate a producer.

3. Plan your shoot.  Brainstorm and create an outline for your story.  The producer will pitch your outline to Mr. Lewis and bring suggestions back to the group.  Hint: Keep your stories simple!

4. Use your outline to create a shot list.  Get approval from Mr. Lewis when finished.


5. Start shooting. Remember to trade off who is operating the camera.


6. After you are done shooting, import your footage into iMovie and begin editing. Click here for tutorials on importing.

*You also may find this tip sheet of iMovie Shortcuts helpful when editing any project.

7. Begin editing.  Your final product should include the following:

  • Transitions between all clips
  • Text labeling each clip
  • A title and credits screen
  • Advanced editing effects (cutaway, slow/fast motion, audio/video effects)
  • Music if you have time

8. Export your final project to the Shared drive > Scavenger Hunt folder

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