Film Review Assignment

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One of the best ways to improve your own filmmaking skills is to watch as many movies as possible.  It also helps to look at them from a filmmaker’s perspective and apply techniques and knowledge that you’ve learned in class to judge the film as a creative work.

In this assignment you will be writing a movie review that will serve as a guide for other moviegoers as they choose what movies to watch.

Choose a film you have seen recently – either in a theater or at home, but not one we’ve watched in class – and write a review for it.  Your review will be posted on Rotten Tomatoes, one of the most popular websites for movie reviews.  The entire world will see it – so be thoughtful, insightful and double check your spelling and grammar.

Take a look at my suggested films list if you are looking for some quality movies to watch.

Use the following template as a guide for your review.

Name of Film:


Genre (guess if you’re not sure):

Star Rating (out of 5):


Introduce the film you saw. Include any background information about the film that may be interesting to the reader.

Plot Summary

Give a BRIEF summary of the plot.  Is the plot original or predictable?  What are the major conflicts? Be careful not to include spoilers (don’t give away the ending!) but show that you watched beyond the first 15 minutes.


What was the overall theme, message or purpose of the movie?  Does the movie teach the viewer anything about life, love or relationships?  Is it purely meant to entertain? What are some ways the director communicates this theme to the audience?

Technical Elements

How was the film’s visual appearance?  Is there anything interesting about the camera work (angles, shots, etc.) or the set designs (costumes, locations) or the lighting (light/dark).  What about sound and music?


Conclude the review with your overall opinion of the film.  Try to persuade the reader to either see or not see the film based on your review.

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