Final Project: The Class Film

In this project, we will work together as one large group to create an original short dramatic film from scratch.  We will begin by writing screenplays and choosing one to produce.  We will mimic many of the steps from the real world of film production – from talent auditions and set design to editing and sound design.

Everyone will have a specific job to do; some of you may perform more than one role and not everyone will appear on camera.  The first major step is to decide what role you will be. Below is a list of roles required and what it takes to perform that job effectively.


  • Organize all other teams
  • Work with production design team to create breakdown sheets for each scene
  • Lead production meetings with director and team leads during REACH
    • Review dailies to determine reshoots
    • Develop next day’s shooting schedule
  • Run clapper slate and record shooting notes during production

Documents: Breakdown Sheets (one sheet for every scene)


  • Work with director to revise screenplay into a final draft
  • Attend editing workshops during REACH
  • Develop character maps for actors to study

Director of Photography

  • Create visual look of the film
  • Develop shot list based on screenplay and breakdown sheets
  • Work with Producer, Director and Editor to review dailies
  • Work with Assistant Camera (AC) to shoot scenes in a creative way
  • Work with Gaffer to rig lights and operate jib

Documents: Shot List


  • Responsible for transporting camera gear and equipment (jib, sliders, lights, etc.)
  • Work with Director of Photography to rig lighting and set up camera equipment

Production Designer

  • Work with Set Designer and Wardrobe Manager
  • Scout locations and obtain permission
  • Responsible for creating authentic sets for each scene
  • Gather and manage props
  • Gather and manage character wardrobes, hair and makeup (if necessary)

Documents: Set Design List | Prop List

Audio Engineer

  • Capture on camera sound with external microphones
  • Run audio recorder and hold boom mic
  • Monitor sound for quality while recording


  • Import footage each day – “dailies”
  • Review dailies with director and producer
  • Work with Assistant Editor(s) to edit specific scenes
  • Work with Sound Designer to add music and sounds to final cut

Sound Designer

  • Create original score
  • Create or locate sound effects
  • Record foley if necessary
  • Work with editors to place sounds and music in final cut

Documents: Sound Cue Sheet

Actors and Actresses

  • Audition for roles with a screen test
  • Study character maps
  • Memorize lines, rehearse and perform

Marketing Department

  • Develop a strategy to promote the film
  • Create trailers and promotional posters

Behind the Scenes Crew

  • Record “behind the scenes” footage throughout the production
  • Interview team members about their production role
  • Assemble footage into a final project that tells the story of the whole production


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