Ad Assignment

In order to create an advertisement, you must first know the techniques of persuasion, and the audience you are targeting. Read the 10 Techniques of Persuasion, and then view the three ads below as a team. When you have finished discussing the three ads, you may begin on your homework assignment, which is at the bottom of this page.

10 Techniques of Persuasion

The following is a list of various strategies that advertisers use to entice us to want the product being advertised.

  1. Humor: Funny or crazy images.
  2. Macho: Strong, tough, powerful – usually males. May carry weapons or be pictured in dangerous situations.
  3. Friends: Groups of people enjoying each other and doing things together. Buddies, pals and friendship.
  4. Family: Mother, father, children or a family.
  5. Fun: Everyone is happy – smiling and laughing. Often images of people doing fun things and having a good time.
  6. Nature: Outdoor settings – mountains, ocean, desert, snow, flowers, etc.
  7. Sexy: Emphasis on physical attributes of models; may wear revealing clothing and be shown flirting through attitude or body language.
  8. Fear: Creates the feeling that something bad will happen if you do not buy the advertised product.
  9. Celebrity: Someone most people recognize – athlete, musician, politician, or movie star. If they are using the product, it must be good.
  10. Wealth: Expensive and elegant places and things. Big houses, new cars, jewelry, designer clothing, etc.

In Class

View the following Ads and discuss the techniques and target audiences as a class. Videos are on the Shared Drive in the Advertisement Project folder – or you can watch them using the YouTube links if you’re at home.

  1. Volkswagen – Watch on YouTube
  2. Burger King – Watch on YouTube
  3. Allstate Mayhem 1 – Watch on YouTube | Allstate Mayhem 2 – Watch on YouTube
  4. Old Spice Swagger – Watch on YouTube
  5. Skyview Yearbook Ad – Watch on Vimeo

Your Assignment

Watch the following commercials – choose THREE ads and post answers to these questions:

  1. What are the persuasion techniques used? (might be more than one)
  2. Who is the target audience?
  3. Do you think the ad is effective? Why or why not?
  4. Be sure to write down which ad you are reviewing

Choose three of the following ads:

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