Planning Assignment

Step 1: Outline

The first step in planning a project is creating an outline.  An outline provides a basic plan of the structure of your story/project.  It tells you what will happen in the beginning, middle and end of your story.  Every project you do in Broadcasting will need to have an outline.

Example outline for Cinderella:

  • Introduction
    • Cinderella’s family is mean to her
    • Cinderella isn’t allowed to attend the ball
  • First Major Event: Fairy Godmother
    • Fairy Godmother helps Cinderella go to the ball
    • She has to be home by midnight
  • Second Major Event: The Ball
    • Cinderella falls in love with Prince Charming
    • Clock strikes midnight, she runs away and loses her slipper
  • Third Major Event: The Slipper
    • Prince wants to find owner of slipper
    • Has everyone try it on; Cinderella isn’t allowed to
    • Cinderella tries slipper on and it fits
  • Resolution
    • Cinderella and Prince Charming get married
    • Live happily ever after

Your Assignment

In groups of 2-3, create an outline for a popular fairy tale (other than Cinderella of course).  Use Pages and save your final outline into the “Planning Project” folder on the Shared Drive.  You must have an introduction, at least three major events, and a resolution.  If you are unsure of the exact sequence of the fairy tale, you may use Safari to research.

Step 2: Storyboard

The next step is to storyboard your project.  A storyboard will show what your project will look like visually. It should include a sketch of each shot and a quick description of the visual and audio components for the scene. We should be able to look at your storyboard and see who is in the shot and what camera shot you will be using.  Think about where the camera will be in relationship to the people in the shot (close up, long shot, etc.).

Here’s a quick example sequence for the Cinderella example:

Cinderella's family is mean to her
Cinderella isn't allowed to attend the ball
Fairy Godmother helps Cinderella go to the ball

Your Assignment

Create a storyboard from your fairy tale outline.  You should have AT LEAST one box for every outline bullet.  Good storyboards will have more than one shot (box) for each bullet.  Use the blank storyboard templates from the plastic tray in the editing room.


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