Green Screen Travel Project

You’ve discovered a way to instantly teleport to faraway lands.  This project will teach you how to use the green screen while creating your own travel video.

  • Plan out the sequence of your travels; you must visit 5 different places
  • Choose your backgrounds from the sample travel footage and images you download from the internet
    • Use Google Images to search for images
    • Look for images that are at least 1000 pixels wide
    • Click through to “View Full Size Image” before saving
    • Right click image and choose “Add Image to iPhoto Library”
  • Record 10-15 seconds of each of your group members in front of the green screen.  Try to interact with the imaginary scene that will be behind you.
  • Use combination of pre-selected travel footage and images downloaded from internet
  • Use the map feature to show where you are traveling to and from

How to use the Green Screen feature in iMovie

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